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Rack of Lamb

You have probably seen a beautiful picture of a green crusted rack of in food magazines or internet somewhere and thought, “My gosh, that looks delicious, but that’s gotta be so expensive!” Well, it would be if you go to a restaurant. However, if you make this dish at home, it will cost you roughly the same as the fast food you order for your family. You don’t have to go to restaurants to have fancy meals. You can have them at home any time you want.

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About This Dish

French trim means getting rid of excessive fat, meat, and membranes from the individual bones so that the bones can be prominent. Unless you buy a perfectly trimmed rack of from your butcher, you will need to trim so that your lamb will have an elegant, fancy restaurant look. Besides, an already-trimmed will be much more expensive than if you do it yourself. This takes time, but you can save so much money by French trimming yourself!

Don’t skip the herb crust. The contrast between the red color from the meat and the green crust will make this dish pop!

Knowing how to pan fry and how to bake lamb is crucial for this incredibly impressive looking dish. Make sure to watch my video and get the all the information necessary for this dish.

The internal temperature for perfect medium rare should be between 130F and 135F. The internal temperature for rare should be around 125F. The internal temperature for medium is around 145F.

For all the detail cooking instructions, please watch the video!


  1. Make sure to use kitchen mittens at all times so that you don’t accidentally touch the hot pan or bones when it is out of the oven.
  2. It’s crucial to use a food processor for the crust. Without the food processor, it will be difficult to make that beautiful green crust.
  3. Invest your money on quality Dijon mustard. That will make a big difference in flavor.

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