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No Too Sweet Baklava

Do you like flaky baklava but you easily get sick of it because it’s just too sweet? Then, you really should try this recipe. The video also share the tip on how to place towels to keep phyllo dough dry without damaging the dough.

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About This Dish

So I had a pleasure to visit countries in Mediterranean. I was super excited because not only for the countries but also for baklava. I thought I would have the best baklava since the Mediterranean region is the birth place for baklava. Unlike donut shops, there were baklava shops. There were different sizes, shapes of baklava. Of course, I walked in. As soon as I had one bite, that was it. It was sickening sweet. I simply couldn’t finish. I had to throw it away….Can you imagine my disappointment???

Suffice it to say, I have been making my own baklava. I don’t buy baklava from stores any more, either. It’s sweet, and greasy. I guess I love my body a bit more than that! I have been sharing my baklava with my friends and family, and they said the exactly same thing to me, “It’s flaky and crunch. It’s sweet but not so sweet. It’s better than the store-bought ones!” I guess that says all. Try this recipe. You won’t be disappointed!


  • You need a one-inch-tall cookie cutter

If you try the recipe, please be sure to share some photos on Instagram and tag me @CookingForZen or on Twitter @CookingForZen . I look forward to seeing your creations and hearing your feedback.

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